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Refund Policy:
Kos2KosTransport will void an authorized transaction as long as the carrier did not pick up the shipment. Once the carrier has picked up the shipment, the transaction may not be voided. If any charges from the carrier arises for due to re-routing, the client is obligated to pay the carriers charges


*The Estimated Cost provided by Kos2KosTransport.com  is subject to change based on additional charges that may arise as a result of shipment re-weight (i.e. weight you specified is less than the actual shipment weight), product re-classification by the carrier (i.e. you provided inaccurate class) and/or additional services that the carrier had to provide to complete the shipment and you missed  to request when Kos2Kos Transport provided you with the quote (i.e. Liftgate was needed, and when you requested the quote, no Liftgate accessory was selected).

*All quotes are only valid for seven (7) days from  the day the quote was given and all costs are stated in United States Dollar amounts.

* Guaranteed service may not be available in combination with selected an additional service(s) (Example: Liftgate).

** All displayed transit times are estimates only and do not include day of pickup and LTL pickup dates are not guaranteed unless specified.

**The calculations of our LTL rates are mainly based on the freight class. The freight class is determined by the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) and is weight based.